Horizon Dev Reportedly Loses 10% of Staff After PlayStation Layoffs

Around 40 employees lose their jobs

Horizon Dev Reportedly Loses 10% of Staff After PlayStation Layoffs

Of the 900 PlayStation employees that lost their jobs during yesterday's layoffs, it's reported that roughly 40 of them — or 10 percent of the developer's workforce — belonged to Horizon Forbidden West team Guerrilla Games. Dutch outlet AD shared the news that the layoffs at Guerrilla Games concerned "ten percent of the staff, or about forty of the more than four hundred employees", having spoken to sources.

Chanté Goodman, the developer's senior community manager, was impacted by the layoffs and wrote on Twitter: "It has been an honor to work at Guerrilla, with such fantastic talent. To the Horizon community, I'm sorry it has worked out this way, but I want you to know I would have gone with you to the end."

She continues: "Working as your CM for the last couple of years has been my greatest privilege. The streams and GAIA Cast were some of my absolute highlights, and you have always been so exceptionally welcoming, funny, and kind."

The layoffs at PlayStation also impacted Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, and Firesprite, with the latter having its long-rumoured Twisted Metal game cancelled. London Studio, the team behind The Getaway and Blood & Truth, has been closed entirely. Its fantasy-based online co-op game that was teased a few years ago will no longer launch, as will a few other projects Sony has cancelled.

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